Frequently asked questions

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    Do I need a SWPPP for my project?


    Yes. If your project is over 1 acre, your Construction General Permit requires you to implement a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) prior to any construction.
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    What is an NOI?


    The NOI, or Notice of Intent, written by the applicant to the executive director requesting coverage under the general permit. Yes... We can help with this.
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    Can you help with my applications?


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    Am I the operator of this project?


    I don't know... But we can figure it out. In short, there are two types of operators --- Primary and Secondary. There is some fine print, but the Primary Operator is directly associated with the daily construction activity (i.e. General Contractor). The Secondary Operator has more limited powers, yet has the power to approve/disapprove changes to the plans and specification of the SWPPP. (i.e. Owner of the Project).
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    How long do I have to keep my SWPPP records of this project?


    We keep a digital Dropbox of each project for 3 years that you will have access to.
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    Construction is finished, what do I do now?


    The NOT, or Notice of Termination, must be filed. Yes, we do this for you.
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    Do you only do SWPPP inspections on projects that you have installed?


    No. More often than not the SWPPP Formation and Monitoring that we do is on projects installed by others.
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